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Université Lille 3

(Departement of Humanities, Section Linguistics)

CNRS UMR 8163: Savoirs, Textes, Langage

Curriculum Vitæ

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I generally provide the last version under my own copyright. For citing purposes, please refer to the published version.

2017 The Syntax and Compositional Semantics of English ONE. Unpublished Manuscript, Université de Lille.

2017 Appropriate Pragmatic Behaviour: Response to Foster-Cohen and Wong. In: I. Depraetere and R. Salkie (eds): Semantics and Pragmatics: Drawing a Line. Springer, pp. 183-196.

2016 The Evolution of Lexical Usage Profiles in Social Networks. Belgian Journal of Linguistics 30, pp. 193-217.

2015 An Intersective Account of Localising Temporal Expressions. In: Katia Paykin and Claudio Majolino (eds): Telling Time. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 39-71.

2014 Markedness, Frequency, and Lexical Change in Unstable Environments. In: J. Degen, M. Franke, and N. Goodman (Eds.), Proceedings of the ESSLLI Formal & Experimental Pragmatics Workshop, pp. 43-50. Tübingen.

2013 Formalizing Current Relevance. In: E. Chemla, V. Homer and G. Winterstein (eds): Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 17, pp. 491-508. Also available from semanticsarchive.

2012 Modelling the "Aoristic Drift of the Present Perfect" as Inflation. An Essay in Historical Pragmatics. International Review of Pragmatics, Brill. Brill's very nice open-access policy allows for hosting the post-print version on one's own home-page, so the above version is the same as in the journal. There are 2 known errata (as of 19-11-2012):

  1. page 286: should be Darwinism is a variationist theory
  2. due to some last minute typographic changes, it should be the upper | lower part of figure X, rather than the left | right side of figure X

PS: If you ask yourself how I did the plots in the paper, and/or if you want to do something like this yourself, I have tried to explain the simulation here. This file might also give you an idea. For full reference, I provide all files that I have used to run the simulations in their full ugliness here.

2012 Two Ways of "Referring to a Generality" in German. In: Claire Beyssade, Fabio del Prete, Alda Mari (eds): Genericity. OUP, pp. 157-175.

2011 (with Grégoire Winterstein) Relevance and Utility in an Argumentative Framework. An Application to the Accommodation of Discourse Topics. In : Alain Lecomte & Samuel Tronçon (eds): Ludics, Dialogue, and Interaction (Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 6505). Springer. 134–146.

2011 "Introducing the Present Perfective Puzzle". In: Jesse Mortelmans et al. (eds): From Now to Eternity (Cahiers Chronos 22). Amsterdam/New York: Rodopi. 105–122.

2010 "German Gerade - A Unified Analysis of its Temporal Uses". In: Brenda Laca and Patricia Cabredo Hofherr (eds): Layers of Aspect. CSLI. 167–188. Although more recently published than the articles with Lucia Tovena, this article actually represents an earlier state of reflection on that matter.

2010 Vocatives: A Note on Addressee Management University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics 16, 1, 20, 176–185.

2009 (with Lucia M. Tovena) "Sharpening the Adequacy of a Characterisation" In: Sprache und Datenverarbeitung 33, 1–2, p. 122–137.

2009 Pathways are no One-Way Streets: German Indefinite Articles. Unpublished Manuscript. University Paris 7, CNRS LLF.

2009 Composés et surcomposés. Éditions de l'Harmattan, Collection "Sémantiques". 276pp. A short description (in French) can be downloaded here.

2009 (with Lucia Tovena) "On the Temporal Use of the Focus Particle gerade. In: Arndt Riester and Torgrim Solstad (eds): Proceedings of SuB 13, Stuttgart.

2009 "Present Perfects Compete". In: Linguistics and Philosophy 32 (2), pp. 115-141. You can download a preprint version here.

2009 "Against the Interval of Assertion" Unpublished Manuscript, Université Lille 3.

2008 On the Cross-Linguistic Variation of `One-Step Past-Referring' Tenses. . In: Atle Gronn (ed) Proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 12. Oslo: ILOS.

2008 "Say Hello to Markedness". In: Hans Broekhuis and Ralf Vogel (eds): Optimality Theory and Minimalism: Interface Theories. Linguistics in Potsdam 28. pp. 73-97.

2008 A Formal Definition of Temporal Default Relations . In: Erik Schoorlemmer (ed): Proceedings of Console XV, p. 207-221.

2008 Je t'ai aimé, c'est que je t'aime? . In: Le Mensuel de l'Université (Popularization; article in French).

2007 La sémantique du Parfait. Étude des " temps composés " dans un choix de langues germaniques et romanes. PhD thesis, Université Paris 8, supervised by Brenda Laca.

2005 (with Patrick Caudal): "Discourse-Structure Driven Disambiguation of Underspecified Semantic Representations: A Case-Study of the Alemannic Perfekt." In: Michel Aurnague et al. (eds): Proceedings of SEM-05. Biarritz, pp. 55–64.

2005: "On the Temporal Uses of German `Gerade'." Ms. Université Paris 8.

2005: "On German `Seit' -- since." In: Judith Gervain (ed): Proceedings of the Tenth ESSLLI Student Session. Edinburgh, pp. 286-296.

2005: "Different Kinds of `Since'-Adverbials". In: Joost Zwarts & Helen de Hoop (eds): Proceedings of the Workshop "Formal Semantics and Cross-Linguistic Data". Edinburgh: ESSLLI, pp. 88-97

2004: "Time and Focus. The Case of German `Gerade'." In: Paul Egré & Laura Alonso i Alemany (eds): Proceedings of the Ninth ESSLLI Student Session. Nancy, pp. 223-233.

2003: L'aspect neutre en français et en allemand. Temporalité et aspectualité dans les temps du passé. Mémoire de DEA. Université Paris 8.

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Teaching I do in Lille 3:

Introduction to Linguistics. Undergraduate.

Introduction to Morphology and Syntax. Undergraduate.

Introduction to Phonetics/Phonology and Semantics. Undergraduate.

Subordinate Clauses. Undergraduate

Introductory French Syntax. Undergraduate.

Introduction to Pragmatics. Undergraduate.

Before my current position in Lille:

2009, Université Paris 7. The syntax-semantics interface of tense-aspect systems in natural laguages. Graduate.

2004, 2005, 2005/2006, Université Paris 8: Sémantique 1. An Introduction to Lexical Semantics. Undergraduate.

2005/2006, Université Paris 8: Sémantique 2. An Introduction to Formal Semantics. Undergraduate.

2004 (with Brenda Laca), Université Paris 8: Sémantique 3. An Introduction to the Semantics of Tense and Aspect. Undergraduate.

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